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15 years of success

This month, our company celebrates its great anniversary of – 15 years.
During this time, we have created many interesting products, not mass, but very exclusive.
In its form, like our container with tamper evident control in the form of a shell, such a form did not exist before on the market. Or our plastic covers for cardboard cups, which at the time of their creation by us, were not on the Ukrainian market.
And of course, our functional lids with folding spoons and forks, which have become innovative for the now developing “To Go” or street food sectors.
Together we coped with difficulties, scored victories. Our company is still staffed by specialists with whom we have gone all the way through the development of the company since its foundation.
We have developed strong, long-term relationships with a large number of our customers throughout Europe and the CIS countries.
And we look forward to another amazing year with strong professional relationships and continued development of our company, using only the best human values, such as trust, integrity and teamwork.
Thank you for being with us!