Technical characteristics:

Container volumes: 170 ml, 330 ml, 600 ml
170 ml  container:  154x109x27 mm
330 ml  container:  154x109x38 mm
600 ml  container:  154х109×62 mm
Basic color of the container: transparent or white
Basic color of the lid for the container: transparent or white
Material: polypropylene
Temperature regime of use: from – 45С to + 70С


170 ml  container – 550 pcs/box
330 ml  container – 550 pcs/box
600 ml  container – 400 pcs/box
Lid for container- 2400 pcs/box
Box dimensions: 610x520x445 mm


Leak-proof plastic container with tamper evident  control  is perfectly suitable for preserves, caviar, pickled vegetables and various kinds of salads.

In the containers manufacturing process, high quality and translucency materials are used. Upon customer’s request the cover can be painted